True Innovation for Personalized Cancer Care

Claudius Conrad, MD, PhD, has dedicated his surgical career and research pursuits to pushing the boundaries of cancer treatment.

Advanced HPB Cancer Care

Professor Claudius Conrad MD, PhD, FACS, FSSO, is a world-renowned surgeon, researcher and sought-after expert in minimally invasive procedures to treat liver, pancreatic and biliary tract cancers. With training at Harvard Medical School and other global centers of expertise, he specializes in cutting-edge techniques and therapies to treat cases other surgical oncologists won’t take on.

Surgical Expertise

Dr. Conrad offers unparalleled expertise in hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery, including the most complex cases that many other surgeons may deem ineligible for minimally invasive procedures.
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Research & Innovation

From improving HPB procedures to developing new tools and imaging with medical industry leaders, Dr. Conrad pushes the field forward with a focus on better patient care.

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Music & Healing

Music promotes healing, but how? Dr. Conrad uses his unique background — physician-researcher and concert pianist — to answer that question and more.

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Meet Dr. Claudius Conrad

Dr. Conrad has many distinctions: He is a surgical oncologist known internationally for minimally invasive liver, pancreas and biliary expertise. He is also a widely published researcher exploring innovative cancer treatments and therapies as well as a concert pianist who has pioneered investigations into music’s ability to heal. Two tenets guide him in these roles: A desire for excellence and a tireless commitment to patient outcomes.

Music has been a part of healing since the beginning of mankind. Being a surgeon helps me become a better pianist, and being a pianist helps me become a better surgeon. Science and art, precision and creativity, discipline and transcendence. In the end, both are about connection.”

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